Environmental Moving Solutions

We are always concerned with erasing our carbon footprint. Whether it’s using bio-degradable materials like our office pens or from switching to bio-diesel fuel for our moving trucks.

For the environmentally conscious individual, we’ve provided a few environmentally friendly moving options such as the choice to use cardboard boxes that have been lightly used, or take it one step further by using GoGo Boxes.

GoGoBox – Efficient, Reusable, Plastic Moving Boxes

Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

GoGo Boxes are the solution to deteriorating cardboard boxes. They are made out of durable plastic, efficient at stacking or taking up the least amount of space when not used, and they are available to be rented.

If you’re packing your own GoGo Boxes yourself, all we ask is that you wash your boxes out and return them back to us. If you’re interested in purchasing some GoGo Boxes yourself, just visit their we’re website by clicking here:GoGoBox.ca


Packing GoGoBoxes in a Van

Saving Time, Effort, and Cost

” Just 80 green recyclable, reusable plastic boxes used during multi-trip journeys are the carbon footprint equivalent of some 1,200 one-time-only cardboard boxes. – GoGoBox Website

Note when packing, beware of how much you place into these boxes, being efficient at holding materials, it’s easy to forget you need to move the box after! (We can provide you with tools to help you out with that as well)


GoGoBoxes stacked to save space

When Not Being Used

Ariel Tyk and David Claeys

Owner's Ariel Tyk & David Claeys

GoGoBox was founded by Vernon business owners Ariel Tyk (left) and David Claeys (right). Having an understanding of the necessity for renewable resources as well as being involved in the moving industry, both owners sought to ease the stress involved with moving for people around the country. They both are always excited to hear what you have to say about their product, so let them know by dropping a testimonial the next time you use a GoGoBox!

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