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Moving Tips Box ImageWe’ve all been through it before. Whether it’s your first move or one of many moves, moving can be a huge task if one is not prepared well ahead of the moving date. To help you stay organized and on track, we’ve provided a few packing tips as well as downloadable PDF files from the Atlas Reading Room.

If packing your entire home or office is too big of a job, remember that Cidel Moving is here to assist you.


Transit Protection Plans

General Moving Tips

Moving Checklist

Don`t Forget List

Moving Elderly Relatives

How to Move Plants

How to Move Electronics

Holding a Garage Sale

Moving Expenses & Revenue Canada

All PDF Files are property of Atlas Van Lines

Packing Tips

– When packing, try to pack everything you can in the same room you are in before moving onto the next room

– Start with out of season items first

– Pack rarely used items next

– Keep valuable belongings with you such as money, coin and stamp collections, precious stones/gems, and jewellery.

– Pack the must have items last (soap, bathroom items, towels, medications, coffee, paper cups and plates, paper towels, kleenex etc.)

– Do not exceed over 40-50 pounds of weight when packing boxes, always ensure the lids are flat and properly sealed. If you must exceed that weight, ensure that proper identification of heavy boxes is used

– For dresser’s, shelving, bed or tables, and curtain rods, place all hardware such as screws and bolts in plastic bags and attach these bags to the article, or if possible, label each bag and place in a seperate container labelled “set up box”

– Do not pack dangerous or flammable items such as lighter fluid, paint, oily rags, matches, bleach, pool chemicals, charcoal, oven cleaner or ammunition as they can explode and damage your shipment. Our movers are not licensed to carry dangerous or flammable items on our moving vans.

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